Listen to this Now…

No that’s the name of the song. But do it now.

Slept on for to long. Maybe it’s the way I don’t pay for promo. Not that I wouldn’t, I would, but when you have kids, they come before dads naive music scheme lol. Maybe it’s the way I dress. Maybe it’s just all rigged by powerful record labels or a secret society behind the scene working to hold down certain voices and only let those who they deem worthy to be heard. Haha probably not any of those options, either way you won’t hear me complaining about it.

I make music for the pure joy I get from doing so. It’s just a bonus when I make something that other people can find something in too. Hope you enjoy Now, I’m off to make more…

My Eye My Eye sees nothing


Release Date

New album from Aquarius D.T.O.M.

Confusticating Prevarication of the Aquarian Mind scheduled for release December 13, 2019.

Contains 33 tracks from Aquarius D.T.O.M. some of which were never released. Fully mastered by Salty Cracker Productions. Will drop to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all other major outlets on December 13, 2019.

Find AquariusDTOM here on Spotify

Invest the smart way…


This is a great app for your future. It takes change left over from purchases you make using whatever card you set up in the app, and invests it for your future, or whenever you need it. If you need to stop it or change cards or even add another card, you can. There’s no contractual BS to deal with, your in control. Also they have what’s called “found money”, that you earn from shopping at places you already do like gas stations, Apple products, Walmart, eBay, the list goes on. Found Money is basically a percentage that the companies kickback to your investment account for shopping with them and using Acorn. SO WHAT THAT MEANS IS YOUR MISSING OUT ON FREE MONEY.

If you use this link below, maybe just to try it and get a feel for it, you will get $5.00 on them.

New Album

Hello there, wanted to drop a word about the next album in the wings. It looks like it will be a 27 track album, by the name of : My Pain : Your Peace

All that remains is the final touches of mastering, and the dreaded, album art. I say dreaded because I find myself a touch picky about the image that I slap across something that will be permanent. Especially after putting so much into something, you, well I, would like it to be perfect. Here’s what I got so far, excuse the incorrect label.

Draft images for new album.
My Pain : Your Peace

If I Said Once…


Then I’ll say again, here it is, remastered. Hope it’s much better, and enjoy…

Just Coming Up


I’m just coming up out here, but damn it, I feel like I’m hitting my stride lately. I think this may be my best track as far as delivery and flow. Thanks to all who support this music thing I’ve gotten myself into.

Aquarius DTOM

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